Ragtag Theatre Company


"As much for the parents as it is for the kids!" -Douglas Carter Beane

From the same company that brought you "The Commedia Rapunzel," Ragtag Theatre Company is back with their latest fairytale spoof: "Cinderella"...and this time...pumpkins will fly girl! Follow the same troupe of poor traveling “Italian” actors, as  they make fun of everything from Hamilton to Star Wars and present another hilarious zany musical romp through a twisted retelling of the fairytale “Cinderella” done in the style of Commedia dell Arte. Expect the unexpected in this wild ride of participatory theatre that is "perfect for all ages and people attending, with or without kids in tow." (BroadwayWorld.com) Come get yer Spring Cleaning on!!


“See it if you want to see a different kind of Cinderella story. You like slapstick humor. You want to laugh. You want to enjoy yourself. I had a great time. I enjoyed this production a lot it is not just for youngsters I didn't bring a youngster with me. I am very much in touch with my inner child (lol). I laughed a lot. This is truly not your typical Cinderella fairy tale. The performers did a great job."

- Vicki 6262 on Show-Score

“See it if you want a great family show to go to with your children (very interactive). If you want to laugh till your cheeks hurt.”

- Meredith 18 on Show-Score

“As a mother of two girls, I especially appreciate the messages about self-worth and inner vs. outer beauty, and we had an interesting discussion about how this Cinderella was different from the other versions they've seen. Families looking for something different, or simply tired of the sometimes too predictable and too sweet children's theater, will love this fairy tale twist. It's definitely worth seeing for the adventurous family looking for something fresh.”

“And, through the power of laughter the impactful social messages of the piece are easy to digest. If just one girl who defies gender stereotypes is empowered by Columbina telling the audience that it is okay to not be girly all the time and it is okay to never be girly, or if just one boy sees LaFrage's sparkly, purple finger nails and learns that boys can pretty if they want to be, then Ragtag Theatre Company's The Commedia Cinderella can be counted as a success.”

“It was really funny. It was unlike any Cinderella I have ever seen before."

"It may possibly be the funniest version of Cinderella ever presented on stage."

“A stellar cast, a script to die for, and a reckless silliness powered by good taste and native wit. You don’t stop laughing. Your children will love it, you will love it, I love it.”