Ragtag Theatre Company


"As much for the parents as it is for the kids!" -Douglas Carter Beane


“You and your little one have never seen a version of Rapunzel quite like this!”

"A Must-See"

"Children are embracing Ragtag’s stories."

“A delightful example of how drag can bring its message of pride, confidence, and irreverence beyond the queer community to audiences of all stripes and ages.”

“I’m always looking for ways to get my kids excited about theater. Thankfully, there are shows like Commedia Rapunzel that entertain all the people in my home and inspire them to pursue their own artistic endeavors.”

“Perfect for all ages and people attending, with or without kids in tow.”

"A stellar cast, a script to die for, and a reckless silliness powered by good taste and native wit. You don’t stop laughing. Your children will love it, you will love it, I love it."

“The Commedia Rapunzel is the funniest play I have seen in years.”

“An excellent production to attend with children, but, given the faithful recreation of many commedia dell’arte themes and styles as well as the numerous allusions to popular culture and musical theatre in the show, adults are also sure to enjoy this re-imagined romp through a beloved fairy tale."

“The Commedia Rapunzel is deep, connected, bright, fresh, and genuine.” 

“A bold new type of children’s theater show"

“Something like a screwball production of Rapunzel may be more effective at planting the seed of open-mindedness than lectures or other “serious” attempts at encouraging acceptance of diversity.”

“The Commedia Rapunzel is the often-brilliant concoction of Italian-styled Commedia that seemed to be enhanced with whiffs of RuPaul.”